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seevix Material Sciences

Seevix Material Sciences is a privately held biotech company producing high strength spider silk fibers, identical or superior to natural fibers. Through recombinant DNA technologies, we are unique in our ability to replicate the natural process of spider silk creation. We induce the natural self-assembly process of the proteins composing the fibers, thereby directly generating actual spider silk, and do not need to purify or artificially spin these proteins into fibers. Seevix targets applications where the combination of the fibers’ mechanical properties and biocompatibility can radically improve existing products and provide solutions for unmet needs.

Main characteristics and specific technological expertise of potential partner

We are looking for partner companies with established products or products in development that are interested in improving the mechanical properties of their high-end, high-performance product for product niches in which enrichment would fill an unmet need. Potential partners are leaders in one or more industries listed below: - Polymers - (Composite) Materials - Life Sciences research products - Medical devices - Specialty textiles

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